Thera crystals crystal gemstone pipes in Canada

Let Life Choose your Crystal Pipe

Once upon a time there was a pipe, but it wasn't as awesome as other pipes. Why? Because it wasn’t a gemstone pipe. And Then came gemstone pipes. Picture yourself in the midst of the forest, or the most natural place in the world. Smoking herbs. Treating yourself with some down time and enjoying the view. The view would be that much better with a beautiful stone pipe. Indulging in the elements of earth, but without leaving a huge imprint on the planet’s ecosystem.

crystal pipes from thera crystals Canada

What do you need to know about regular pipes that we don't already know? Well whatever that is, let us leave it on the side for now. Let's focus on how to use crystal pipes and their interesting particularities.

What to do when picking out a gemstone pipe

Crystal pipes are, as they are made from natural stones, should most and foremost be a personal choice to have. The best pipes to choose are the ones that call upon you. Or better yet, if you already own other crystal or mineral stones, go for the one you feel the most connection with. You cannot go wrong that way.

There are some general guidelines on what the properties of these crystals are beneficial for. So if you don't know what crystals to go for, the best thing is to research on the materials and their benefits.


  • Research materials and minerals,
  • Imagine yourself with the pipe or pipes in nature,
  • Dream about your pipe. Go to bed thinking about gemstone pipes. And let your unconscious tell you what you need.
  • Feel other crystals, minerals, and stones for better connection

Sometimes we think that we have control other everything in our lives, but the truth is that when we let things flow their own way, life presents us with things we didn't know were going to work with us. So let life chose you pipe.

Yes there are also different shapes when it comes to gemstone pipes

Does the shape of the pipe make a difference? Not exactly, this is mostly a matter of preferences and beliefs. There is a vast selection of crystal pipes that feature shapes such as:

  • Pointed pipes
  • Skull-headed pipes
  • Palm stone
  • Heart-shaped
  • and more

The choice is yours and can be based on pure aesthetic purposes or practical and spiritual or other beliefs. The sizes differ as well, so your choice will depend on your own practice and experience.

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