Crystal gemstone pipes from Thera Crystals Canada

Smoke, but Smoke Freely and Healthy

Are you looking to feel free and relaxed? I know that’s what cigarettes are doing for you, or smoking anything, but how about you enhance that experience of more freedom and mind-free. Crystals can do that for you ! Smoking something healthy, such as herbs, close your eyes, you will nothing, but the feeling of being finally free of worries. Try it, you will not be disappointed!

Cure your stress, because stress is an enemy. It is bad for your body. You can finally be you, and live life as you never did before.

Few crystals are perfect characteristics of relaxing, anti-stress, and any synonym you can name of:

1. Amethyst

Known as the all purpose crystal. It is great to help you combat against your fears and anxiety. Live Stress Free!

Natural Dream Amethyst Point Crystal Pipe - Thera Crystals2. Howlite

Don’t look at only its white colour, but it is actually very powerful, and it helps for stress, tension and anxiety. It stimulates your emotion expressions better. Don’t think you are alone!

Natural Howlite Point Crystal Pipe - Thera Crystals

3. Red Goldstone

This stone is magical, it is great to fight against anxiety in general, or pain.

Natural Red Goldstone Point Crystal Pipe - Thera Crystals Canada

4. Black Obsidian

One of the most popular crystal out there. The black colour that they are can actually lift up your mood, and attract positive vibes. Say goodbye to negative vibes!

Natural Black Obsidian Point Crystal Pipe - Thera Crystals Canada

    Now that you know about this, just be yourself, live in the light, and see what attracts you. Don't be drowned by the negative zones! Smoke, but smoke healthy. This is our recommendation to you. 

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